This life engagement at St Paul’s Methodist Church, focuses on building up our knowledge of Christ, and not just through the sermon series preached on a Sunday, but also through the hosting of courses that are held at the church. If you consider yourself a mature Christian, have leadership qualities and good understanding of the Word, feel you can mentor leaders and speak to large groups of people about Christ, then this is the life engagement that God wants you to be a part of. This life engagement tries to identify ways of encouraging personal devotion to Christ. The mentoring and training of leaders falls within this portfolio, for instance, a leadership course for those who would like to lead a small group, is given at the church. As Christians we have to share the word with those around us, not only through witnessing but also through discipleship – showing the love of Christ with action – and through our example. By encouraging and mentoring others you will be encouraged, will grow, and feel a belonging to St Paul’s.

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